Lights Out

View from my backyard with power out

Can you tell what’s wrong with this picture?  Yes?  No?  I’ll give you a hint: The dark mass in the foreground is an apartment complex – with the power out.  Friday night, my neighborhood, and others, lost all power during a scheduled black out for maintenance issues.  I’m not sure what the maintenance issues were, but the loss of power sure was interesting…

We knew the power would be going out (scheduled from 10pm- 8am, though it was back at 5am), so of course my mom decided it was important to bring out EVERY SINGLE CANDLE we have, and place them around the house.  Likewise, my dad’s aim was the electric candle, and he triple checked that we all had our own flashlights ready.  I honestly felt like we were preparing for the end of the world.

I was rather tired that day, so I wouldn’t have been up much later than 10pm anyways, but this was even more reason to get the extra rest.  A few minutes after 10pm, while I sat on my bed working on a movie script with my laptop, the light in my room shut off.  I wasn’t sure if the power outage would affect just my street, my neighborhood, or a larger area.  I looked out my window to see that it was the latter.  I grabbed my camera and tripod and dashed down the stairs (in the dark, mind you), to capture the interesting sight.  The picture above is the view from my backyard facing downtown San Clemente.  It’s enhanced to show the apartments directly below our house, because to the naked eye (as well as in the original picture) it was pitch black.  I also took a chance to grab some shots of the stars.  Good ol’ Orion was right above me, and without the excess light to drown him out, he was in rare form.

Orion shining like there's no tomorrow

After freezing my butt off to grab a few more snapshots of the darkness, I returned to my bed.  I was tired, so I turned off my laptop and grabbed a magazine and flashlight.  I felt like some 12-year-old kid – laying on my bed, looking through a Maxim magazine with a flashlight.  Of course, I never did that myself as a kid, but it was a pretty classic scenario.  After reading through an interesting article (yes, THAT is why I was looking at the magazine), I turned off my flashlight and crawled under the covers.  From my window, I could see no light but the ominous glow of the night sky.  It made me feel almost as if I was on some sort of mini-vacation.  I have often contemplated life without electricity, what it would be like, how it would feel.  I’ve grown up with the convenience of the electric switch, yet I’ve regularly said that it might be nice to live without it for a while… but I’ll talk about that in an upcoming blog 🙂


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