The Dark Knight

I’ve been very blessed.  Hollywood gave me two movies this year that I, in my own personal terms, consider perfect.  The first, WALL-E, I’ve already written about HERE, and the second, as you may deduce by the title of this entry, you are reading about now – The Dark Knight.

“Wait a second, wait a second… didn’t you already write this review??  How many times do I have to read your thoughts about one movie??”

First of all, to answer your second question, AS MANY TIMES AS I DEEM NECESSARY!  But yes, I have written about The Dark Knight before HERE, however that was more about my change of heart regarding the portrayal of The Joker, and was posted before the movie came out.  So today, the day of the movie’s DVD release, I thought I’d give a proper review of the movie on a whole.

Where do we – begin…

I’ll spare you the details of the movie and it’s storyline, because there’s a good chance you’ve seen it already – and if you haven’t, I don’t want to ruin a single thing.  What I do want to talk about, though, is why it’s a perfect movie.

There are certain movies that I have a great love for – Punch-Drunk Love, for example.  However, as wonderfully wonderful and amazing as it is, I can’t quite say it’s perfect.  Why?  Small things like strong foul language, or minor nudity in the case of other movies.  I still love the movie and I own it, but there are those few moments that detract a little for me.  People will say, “Oh, it’s just fitting to the story,” but in all honesty, there are always smarter ways around it – but that’s only if the filmmakers care.  It’s not a huge point, and I’ll end this part here, but it was very refreshing to discover just how clean The Dark Knight is… even though it is intense and dark in its mood and storyline.

The real meat, however, is just how well done the movie is.  Not for a comic-book movie, not because I like Batman.. but just as a movie – it’s really, really good.  I’ll address this first, because it’s what every layman brings up immediately.  Yes, Heath Ledger does amazing in his portrayal.  Believe me, as an actor, I drool while watching him in this movie… it’s fantastic and fun.  However, he is not the ONLY thing in this movie, ya know?  There ARE other people involved that made it what it is 😉

Every other actor is brilliant.  Sure, not every character allows the exuberant performance that The Joker does, but every actor filling these roles pulls off their job well – especially the leads.  There is a moment where Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character is talking with someone she loves, possibly for the last time, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.  The whole scene brings a tear to my eye, as do a few others, and that is just a testament to the great acting.  I mean, who would think that a BATMAN movie would make you CRY?!

Of course, the actors can’t do anything without a script – and I thought The Dark Knight was extremely well written.  The pacing, the interwoven storylines, the dialogue… it’s absolutely fantastic.  Likewise, the editing and the score (oh MAN the score) don’t let you breathe for a second.  The third time I saw the movie (on DVD a few days ago), I STILL was amazed by how much the movie kept my interest.  There is always something happening, and the driving beat of the music intensifies that feeling.

I can’t stop there, of course, because there is the one person who we have to thank the most – the one who helmed the project, and gave all of those people their direction… Christopher Nolan.  I know he’s always hesitant to make his next movie, and after I saw The Dark Knight, I hoped there would not be a third.  Not because I hated anything about it, but because I loved it too much.  I loved how the world was left, and I love imagining that these things will just keep going on forever in this world that I am not a part of.  However, if Mr. Nolan comes back for a third – I’d be darned interested (and a little excited) to see what he thinks can follow-up The Dark Knight 🙂

I’ll end here, because I could ramble on about it for days straight.  It is a great movie that is not only entertaining, but thought-provoking. It stays with me for at least a day after I see it, and I hope you get a chance to watch The Dark Knight if you haven’t already.

Heck, even if you have… see it again 😉


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One Response to The Dark Knight

  1. Nick Reiber says:

    I'll never forget your stunned silence upon seeing it the first time. We thought you had a stroke.


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