Zany Blockbuster Tuesday

Last night was a fun one; an ODD one, but a fun one.  As I normally do, I worked the closing shift: 5pm-roughly 11.30pm.  My morning and afternoon before going to work were average to less than average – pretty mundane.  I’ve been overly tired lately, as well, so I half-slept through my morning math class and didn’t do much when I came home after it.  Then I went to work…

First I came in to find the opening manager working by himself (though my closing manager, Jon, was there).  He let me know that the girl he was opening with got into an argument with a customer and quit.  Yep – she just up and quit.  She’s always been a bit of an emotionally drastic gal, so all I could do was laugh at the situation.  Since the guy was by himself for most of the day, and we were still getting movies returned from the busy holiday, there was a backpile of movies to check-in.  I was going through this hefty amount of movies, making sure the right movies were in each box before checking them in, when I came across fun moment #2.  As I flipped over the case to a cheesy horror movie, I saw one of the most beautiful actresses I’ve ever seen.  Her name is Brianna Brown, and she looked familiar (I most likely noticed her from a commercial she was in and as the "woman holding baby" in the train at the end of the fight scene in Spiderman 2).  It’s the small things in life that I cherish 😉  So, I took that movie into the backroom with me on my break (haha, this sounds like it’s going somewhere bad – it’s not), and put it on while I worked on my laptop.  My goodness what a gorgeous woman.  And as I found out today while looking her up online, she even appeared in my favorite TV show of all time, Freaks and Geeks – so she’s awesome in many ways.


The rest of the evening went along normally, and I went on my second break of the night.  As I left the backroom at the end of my meal, I caught a glimpse of something to my left.  I paused and noticed the feet and legs of a man who was laying face down on the ground of the back row in the store.  Well, that’s odd – but then I glanced up and at the end of that row I saw two 20-something year old guys laughing, so I just assumed that this floor-man was their friend goofing around.  I went up front, with a shake my head and a smile.  Crazy kids.

After a little while, the two 20-somethings came up to rent, and at the end of their transaction, they said, "Do you know you have a guy passed out in the back of the store?"  I told them I thought he was their friend, and when they genuinely reacted with a laugh and a "No way," I believed them.  They told me they were laughing because they had been taking pictures of the guy with their cell phone, and putting gay movies next to his outstretched hand.  Crazy kids.  Haha, I had to laugh, though.  So, the two guys and I, along with my manager Jon, headed to the back of the store to investigate the curious event.  Yep.. right there on the ground was some guy in his 20’s face down on the ground, his pack of cigarettes on the ground next to his hand.  He also had his cell phone right next to his face – so it looked as if he had placed it there and layed down for a nap – waiting for it to ring.  We tapped his arms and yelled to him, but he didn’t answer.  He was breathing alright, and then his phone DID ring, and it was LOUD.  Jon and I looked at each other – if THAT wasn’t waking him up, something’s not good here.  I suggested we answer the phone, and one of the 20-somethings had the same thought.  After a brief chat, the sleeping/passed out/dead guy’s friend said he’d be there "in a few seconds."  A few seconds?  That only meant one thing – he was coming from the bar a few doors down.  That answered everything.  The guy came in, really nice and apologizing, to pull the drunk out of the store.  The passed out guy was completely GONE, though after his friend smacked him awake and pulled him up, he stumbled out of the store mostly on his own.  The four of us went back up to the front of the store laughing about it all – and how strange it was.  Jon started working at Blockbuster around the same time as I did years ago, and this was definitely a first for both of us.  Crazy drunks.

We closed up the store, and I drove to the gas station across the street to fill up my car.  As I pulled up, I strained my eyes to see something I didn’t believe.  Here I was in Orange County.  And Gasoline.  $1.99.  OMG!  Haha, I’ve never brought up gas prices in conversation with anyone, but even I was completely impressed (and excited as if I had discovered a great treasure) to see gas below $2.00 again.  I filled up, and thought – I NEED to capture this somehow.  I could save the receipt, but that’s not so good.  Then I remembered the cell phone I keep for emergencies has a camera on it, so I snapped one of the sign.


What a fitting end to what I am calling Zany Blockbuster Tuesday.  None of these things were completely Earth-shattering in their zaniness, but the fact that they all occurred in one night?  ZANY!  This was actually the final straw for me, and I realized I need to keep a camera with me all of the time, but I’ll post about that in a few days 😉  Why carry a camera with me all of the time?  It’s simple…

That’s what Brianna Brown would do 😉



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