Year One

It makes me really happy to see this post date of 11.1.08 – because one year ago today I launched this site.  It was the first for me, and I was very proud that I had finally done it.  Now, 365 days later, I’m even more proud of everything I’ve learned from working on this site.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am still lacking in content (I promise that I’m really working on remedying the situation), but from a personal and technical position, this site has grown far from what it was at the beginning.  While I’ll save my personal look back at the year for New Year’s time, as I have already done, here I’d like to share a few things specifically about the site.

First, here are a few images I snapped from Google Analytics – my website statistics program.  This first one is just a general overview of the visitors graph.  If you look close, it’ll say 2,000 + visits, but don’t imagine that is completely accurate.  If you visit the site, and then visit it a short while later, it will count that as two visits.  The key here is to look at the graph itself.  There was a time in June when the program had an error and wasn’t recording visits, but as you can see… overall the number of visitors has slowly increased from our opening to now.  Considering the fact that I haven’t promoted the site, and that I have so little content, that makes me happy to see…


Here you can see that graph a little more clearly, and also a more accurate description of how many visitors have been by the site.  This number may be slightly higher than it should be, but not by much at all…


This is why I say that, too.  I’ve had visitors from 356 unique cities, and unlike the visitor number, this one is without any error.  That’s a map of the world, by the way, so as you can see… this site’s international!


People from 54 countries have visited my site.. and that always makes me laugh to see.  When I first started the site, I was watching my stats nearly every day out of curiosity, and when I saw the first few out of country hits, I was amazed.  By this point, though, I’ve become used to it…


And here’s why – my blog.  Most of the random, international hits have come from people searching for keywords that are in my blog entries.  As you can see in the long list below, my biggest hit is easily my blog on The Dark Knight’s Joker, but I’ve also been reached by someone looking for “naked girls in front yard” (#64 on the list below).  I’m sure that person was rather disappointed by the blog that they found, though.  Sorry.. nothing risque here.


Overall, I’m really happy with where the site has gone, and where it’s headed.  With the recent redesign, I feel very comfortable with adding new pages or sections, because the whole site has a more uniform look, and I have 4-5 projects that I’m just bursting to start and get online! So, hopefully, on our second year anniversary, I can talk about some of the great content I’ve added and some of the fun, ongoing comics/webseries/whatever.  This first year was filled with refining the look and feel of my site, and making it work as a single, cohesive piece… and now it’s time to start having some real fun! 😉  A special thanks to those friends of mine who are regular visitors, but a thanks and hello to those I might not know.  If you’ve come from elsewhere, I’d love to hear from ya!  Either way, though, I hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to entertaining you a lot in our second year.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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