Halloween is EVIL! (not really)

I’m a Christian.  That’s all there is to that statement… no need for denominations or explanations.  I was raised in a Christian home and as I grew older I continued to believe what I was taught.  That sounds simple, but many people reject how they were raised while others follow blindly.  Today, though, I am a Christian and I tend to believe most of what I learned growing up in a Christian home and school and in church.  Most of it.

A big deal for some Christians is Halloween.  Some proclaim it as pure evil and will shun any participation, as will some non-Christians go too far in their response.  I don’t want to say that these extreme Christian views are idiotic; even the Bible tells us that within certain guidelines (ie. accepting Jesus’ death as our saving grace, etc), every person follows God according to what their personal faith will allow.  Both Christians and non-Christians will have their extremists, but in wanting to give you a factual representation of the history of Halloween through my own, straight-forward Christian perspective, I found a website that sums it up better than I was hoping to do myself.  Obviously, I am not a learned scholar, and it is always possible that there may be historical errors in the site I found, but even if so – its intention is to put to rest many of the silliest notions of Halloween’s history, by explaining the truth while still maintaining a Christian attitude.  Sadly, for all of the time I’ve spent in Christian atmospheres, it’s rare to hear of things approached in a non-fear-inducing, truthful manner.  Take a gander, and have a fun one tomorrow…

The History of Halloween


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