Summon This! –UPDATED–

I had a good day today.  I got an A on a midterm, and while studying for a math test everything finally clicked.  Then I checked the mail that had come for me.  I saw that little envelope that most people hate to see – Jury Summons.  So much for a good day 😉

It’s not that I’m worried about going up there.  I’ve been called in three times before, I’m a pro at it now.  For all those visits, I’ve never served on a jury and, honestly, I never will – I don’t believe in it.  The last visit I made, which really wasn’t very long ago, was the first time I had to go back for more than one day.  I was asked to fill out a questionnaire as part of the selection process for the trial, and I filled it out honestly – discussing my dislike for the current system whenever it came up.  The case was settled out of court and we were all dismissed, but I know I wouldn’t have made it on anyways.  That’s not the point, though.  The point is that it’s so darn annoying.  I have to waste time driving up to Santa Ana really early, sit around for a good part of the day, and all for nothing.  I’m never going to serve – so can I get a permanent dismissal?  No, of course not… it’s my “duty.”

Paying taxes, that’s a duty.  Following the driving laws and not running people over, that’s a duty.  Being legally forced to waste my time and money to participate in a system that I don’t believe in?  Balderdash.  For once, I’m not actually going to bother explaining an opinion of mine (it’s late and this could become a lengthy topic), but ultimately there’s nothing I can do about it.  Much like the electoral college (another screwed up system of ours), I don’t foresee mandatory jury service going away anytime soon, so as annoying as it is – I just have to accept it.  My first time I met a really interesting old guy and we talked for a while, but the next two times I went were boring and dull.  I’ll have to postpone it this time because I’m in school, which is a first, but I’ll eventually have to go.  So, here’s to hoping that this time I can meet someone interesting again.

Preferably blonde with a nice smile 😉

–UPDATE 10.21.08–

Since my scheduled day to come in is a day I have class, I had to postpone it.  I went online today, thinking perhaps that I would simply come in on a Friday or later in December after school is out.  The earliest they had available though is May and the latest was next December, which I would have gone for, but I don’t know if I’ll be in Chapman at that point and what my schedule might be.  So, I don’t have to worry about this Annoyance Duty until June, and that makes me happy again!  Now… let’s see if I can get a doctor to label me mentally unfit by then and have a permanent excuse 😉


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