HaHa HA-HA ha HA haHAhaHA!

I’m a little nervous.  It seems The Joker has been causing some havoc at work.  I first noticed it in the back room last week.  A few of the posters the guys had jokingly put up in the employee’s only room were mysteriously defaced one night.

joker smile on zac efron

Joker smile on jonas brothers

At first I thought it was a quirky joke by an employee – but that horrible smile was all over things in the back room

joker smile

… even in the bathroom!

joker smile bathroom

It was all too disturbing – knowing The Joker had been rummaging through our back room somehow.  This week, however, it got even worse.  Now he was terrorizing the FRONT of the store!  Behind the manager’s desk…

joker smile schedule

joker was here schedule

in our drop box…

joker smile drop box

and even our local store mascot, Scott Brown, had been “jokerized!”

joker smile scott brown

I left work last night shaken and afraid.  I’m a rather rebellious guy – but The Joker just represents complete anarchy.. he’s a nutcase!  He gave me one final fright, though, as I walked to my car I saw that he even left presents that were visible to the outside world.



He left a note promising his return – and for some reason, I can’t wait to see what he does next 😉

joker smile bee

HAHAH hah AHHA ahHA HAHA Ha haHA haHaha hAhah HA HA!


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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