Divorce. The Magazine?

Last week I was at work, doing nothing very productive as usual, when I saw something that made me LOL all over the place.  I stepped into the little entrance area, to read the fine print of a contest display, and as I turned around I noticed something on the magazine rack.  This isn’t the magazine rack that we stock and sell magazines from; no, this is the rack that an outside source stocks with for-free publications.  So, as I’m turning around to head back inside, I catch a glimpse of a new magazine I hadn’t noticed before.  On the cover is a pleasant image of a woman and a young girl – smiling, happy, loving life!  And for a split second I thought, “Aww.”  Then, my gaze rested on the title of the magazine and I did a literal double take.


Divorce Magazine??  At first I was in hysterics at the abrupt realization that this lovely little picture was for DIVORCE Magazine, but after that wore off (which took longer than you’d probably want to believe) I started to look through it.  What’s even better, is that it’s basically one giant legal advertisement.  I was waiting to see that it was funded by “This Guy & That Guy Legal Services,” but I didn’t find it.  Well, not exactly.

Instead, on the opening page it mentions that it is part of “Divorce Marketing Group.”  That’s exactly what we need – a group that helps lawyers market to people in the various emotional states of going through a divorce.  I can just imagine the meetings, with pie graphs (or bar graphs, whichever you prefer) telling the best times to strike and what fonts are easiest to read through tear-filled eyes.  The first couple of pages are mostly just articles, but after that the pages become heavily peppered with ads for lawyers.  You can even visit their website to find MORE legal ads!  Yay!  There may be some redeeming articles in this free magazine that can benefit someone going through a bad time – but ultimately it just feels sleazy.  I suppose this is a pretty good indicator of why lawyer jokes are so prevalent.  They may provide a decent service at times, but their approach is often without tact.

As one of my co-workers joked, “What’s next? Abortion Monthly?”


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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