Mission: Freakin’ Awesome!

Tonight I saw Son of Rambow on DVD.  When I first heard about the movie, I thought it was a great idea – kids making movies.  I know a little something about that 😉 so it’s something that always makes me smile.  When I finally saw the trailer for it, I did not smile.  There was nothing in that preview that made me interested in seeing it, but I work at Blockbuster and get free rentals – so it couldn’t hurt to take a chance on the DVD when it came out.  Whoops.

The movie made me rather sad – I liked it even less than I thought I would.  It was on the low-end of the spectrum of being ok, but it could have been great.  I really thought it could have been really great – and I was a little heartbroken that it wasn’t.  The story was great, some of the concepts and gags were good… but for me it just fell flat.  But the point of this entry isn’t to give a review.  After the movie, I wasn’t in a great mood – but I decided to flip through the Special Features anyways.  I found a movie the director made when HE was a kid back in the mid-80’s, and it made me smile, especially at the end when he and his friends are cracking up while trying to film the last shot.  That was fairly interesting to see, but then I found a REAL treasure.

Apparently there was some sort of internet contest in England related to Son of Rambow (I’m assuming it was to share a movie you made when you were a kid), and the winner is on the DVD.  It’s a movie a guy made with his cousins when he was 15.  When I first watched it, I died laughing and threw my arms up in the air a few times at it’s 15-year-old “awesomeness.”

Click HERE to see “Mission: Improbable” on YouTube.
(sorry, I’m not able to embed it here for some reason)

It really made my night, and if you did anything like this when you were young – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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