First, my apologies for not having the second Classic movie up by now.  I spent a couple of days finishing the edit, but when exporting the video, I am hitting some technical problems – so it may be a few days longer.  It still makes me laugh after all of these years, so it should be worth it.

I didn’t plan on making the cliched and usual End of the Year blog entry, filled with a look back at the past and resolutions for the future, so I won’t.  I will say, though, on a personal level, that this has been a very good year for me.  A year ago I left a job working with kids (which I enjoy) because I decided to try my hand at getting into web/graphic design – a real job.  I was very gung-ho about it, but after going through some classes at the local junior college, I realized it wasn’t for me.  I spent a few months lost again, unsure what I was going to do.  I tried looking for a regular desk job for a while – but what was I going to do?

A light finally dawned on me, though, and two weeks from today, seven years after starting the first time, I will be going back to college full-time.  I’m taking a path to get a real degree this time, and I’m looking forward to finally getting a good start on my adult life.  I was stuck between teenager and adult for a number of years, and I’m glad that I finally crossed over.  I look at things a little differently now.  Heck, I started and continue to maintain a website – something the younger, over-emotional Mark wouldn’t have been able to do.  So, for me, 2007 was a year of transition.  I will always consider it the year I became an adult (even though with that kind of over-dramatic statement you’d think I wasn’t).  So, on into 2008 I venture, still transitioning through life, as we all do…but this time with a good, fresh start.

Seems like I ended up making the cliched and usual End of the Year blog after all.  Whoops.  I’ll try harder to avoid it next year.  Wait, isn’t that a resolut- … D’oh!


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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